Investment Experiment "Behavioural Finance for Private Banking is true to its title. The book contains a wealth of practical advice to help private bankers make effective use of behavioural finance. After providing a rigorous introduction to key psychological concepts, the book offers a series of concrete steps private bankers can follow to help their clients make sensible investment decisions - decisions which reflect clients' individual psychological traits. The impact of this book on private banking will be significant and longlasting." "An excellent exposition of our knowledge in behavioural finance. The book is of high practical relevance. A must read for everybody concerned with private wealth management." "This excellent work combines sound research with applicable solutions. The practicable case studies provide additional insights into how professionals in private banking can advise clients in a comprehensive way. I can recommend this book to all relationship managers and specialists who wish to expand their expertise in providing solid advice to their clients."
"The nature of the private banking business demands sensibility for clients' preferences. Because of the high frequency of interactions between a private banker and his clients, knowledge about psychological factors is crucial. The book explains the main fallacies caused by irrational behaviour and provides therefore helpful tools to improve the advisory process."